About CrossFit Margaret River

CrossFit Margaret River offers CrossFit strength and conditioning group classes, personal training and nutritional guidance for all fitness levels in a uniquely supportive environment. Our functional programming ensures your efforts inside the box (gym) make everyday life, sport and physical tasks seem easier.

Nicole and Ben are a husband and wife team. CrossFit Margaret River was born from the pairs love of CrossFit and of the South West. Nicole had been practicing CrossFit for many years and was the one who got Ben into it. CrossFit was the one fitness pursuit Nicole tried that had any real lasting effects on her health and fitness.Nicole has also previously worked in the health promotion field and intimately understands the challenges people face in changing their behaviour to a healthier lifestyle. Ben had been a personal trainer for several years, however it was only after the pair had coached at CrossFit Frantic in Perth for the past year, they knew they were ready to start their own CrossFit box (gym). Ben has also worked in the past in the mental health field, with his project 3mates7seas and believes strongly in the positive effects CrossFit has not only on the body, but also on the mind. Previous clients have described Ben and Nicole as laid back, fun and motivational.

CrossFit Margaret River is a community of friends, our vision is to 'forge the fittest community'. Traditional gyms have a TV playing in the background. We have other athletes encouraging you on to finish your last rep. They have bicep curls and cable cross-over machines. We have squats and dead lifts that transfer into the real world. They sell you a membership and hope you never come again. We want you to come as often as possible to help you change your life for the better.

They have mirrors. We have qualified trainers that show you how you can correct your form. They have a 25min workout that takes an hour. We have an hour workout that takes 25minutes. We work hard and we work as a team. We are CrossFit Margaret River. If you are ready make a change and get the fittest you have ever been - join us - your first session is free.

Sure we throw heavy things around, run, jump, sweat, strain, grunt and groan like other places. But at CrossFit Margaret River, we do it as a team. At CrossFit Margaret River you are a friend: not a number. You’ll get more handshakes, high fives and g'days than at your best mate’s BBQ. Our packages are based around friendship - the more you come in, the better we will get to know you and the easier it is to help you achieve your goals.

You’ll work hard, so hard you may feel like quitting. But someone will always be there to pick you up and support you. You’ll do things you love and things you don't. You’ll always have a coach, sometimes a whole room of them, and some day you may do some coaching of your own.

You’ll do CrossFit. An evidence based, functional fitness program that every year crowns the fittest person on earth. However CrossFit Margaret River, is more than that. It’s an empowering whole person approach program. The workouts are just as challenging as anywhere else, often much more so, but at CrossFit Margaret River the difference is in its community.

Come try it for free.