Welcome to CrossFit Margaret River

There’s no arguing that CrossFit has established itself as the best strength and conditioning method on the planet! With the emergence of more than 10,000 CrossFit gyms worldwide, CrossFit is the proven fitness regime for anybody wanting to go from out of shape into someone fit. Or fit people into athletes… and athletes into elite athletes.

At CrossFit Margaret River, we see all Members with varying needs and abilities. Whether you’re just beginning your journey toward health and fitness, training for a specific sport or goal, or just wanting to stay healthy, we can help. We gradually introduce the movements and teach proper form and intensities to prepare you from a strong base. We also have a weekly beginners class for first timers which is always free. See our weekly Timetable for details. Or call us for a free intro session at a time convenient to you.

Experienced and Travelling CrossFit Athletes are also Welcome

If you have some previous CrossFit experience / olympic lifting training or enjoy more intense functional training, then you will fit right in at CrossFit Margaret River. We love overseas visitors dropping in, contact us and we will make a space for you in class.

Some of our members choose to compete, but most are focused on improving their fitness, reaching levels that they could not achieve elsewhere.